About Our Farm

In 1993 we purchased our farm with no farming experience. The 55 acre parcel in Codorus Township, York County Pennsylvania was a daunting adventure.

We bought horses, goats and some chickens and our farming experience was started. We also raised some pigs and an occasional beef steer to fill our freezer. The free range eggs from our chickens were wonderful and we would give them out to friends and family. The towering Black Walnut trees border the small spring fed pond and the magnificent Catulpa Tree shades the barn.

When looking for activities for our children to participate in as they grew older, we decided to join the York County 4-H Beef Club. Raising cattle seemed the ideal task to develop given the layout of our property and the already existing pasture. The remaining corn and soybean fields were easily converted into fenced pasture.

Our first experience of raising beef cattle was with Angus cattle. Our children raised them and prepared them to be shown in the 4-H Beef Club. We learned quite a bit about cattle in the first few years and many times had to rely on our friends to help us with our farming chores.

I had read an article about the Scottish Highland cattle breed and I was intrigued by their look and gracefulness. I decided to purchase a bred cow and a young bull. That was the start of our beef breeding farm. We raise grass fed Scottish Highland cattle and grain fed Angus cattle. We also raise cattle that are crossed with Scottish Highland and Angus which gives a larger carcass and a lean beef product.

Our herd grows every year and we are continually working on provided the best living environment for our cattle along with the best grass fed beef product for our customers.

Mission Statement

We commit to provide the highest quality Scottish Highland grass fed beef possible at a fair price. The measure of our success will be found in the trust we build in the customers we supply.

To our livestock, we commit to provide a humane stress free and natural living environment, allowing free access to roam our pastures as they please. We will invest in the highest standards for the proper care of all our animals.

At M&M Farm we are committed to excel in a quality product raised in a natural, humane and stress free environment.