Scottish Highland Cattle

The Scottish Highland cattle are the oldest bovine on record dating back to the 16th century in Northern Scotland. This breed of cattle is very hardy and has the ability to live in very rugged climates and require very little shelter. Cold frigid weather has very little effect on the Scottish Highland cattle, with their long hair coat providing warmth they have no need to develop a thick layer of back fat compared to other breeds.

The Highland is unusually healthy and hardy. They will survive on roughage and poor grazing, including brush if necessary, but they do best with good grazing land. The Highland's proven ablility to produce top quality meat without the additions of expensive high quality feeds makes this breed the perfect choice for those people who wish to produce beef with natural inputs. (

Our Highland cattle grow and finish well on our pasture since the breed is very well suited for grass-fed beef farming. Our cattle are free to forage on a natural diet of grass and their meat is almost as lean as wild game. The overall fat content is similar to antelope deer and elk. Meat from grass-fed animals has about half the calories as meat from grain-fed animals and significantly fewer calories. It also gives you an extra supply for vitamins E, A, D, and beta-carotene. (

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