Finished Highland Skulls

Finished Highland skulls are great for a wall hanging or a display. The horn span varies from 30” to 45” and the length of the skull ranges from 17” to 25”. The skulls vary for each animal depending on the age and gender. Occasionally, we do have single horns for sale at a cost of $50.00*. Prices range from $75 - $250* depending on the size and quality.


Tanned Highland Hides make great rugs, wall hangings, couch covers, bedspreads, etc. Our hides vary in size from 25 square feet to 35 square feet. The highland hides have long slightly wavy hair with varying lengths. Highland hides come in a variety of colors: Red, Brown, Black, Blond and Dunn. Prices range from $900 - $1,200* depending on the size, quality and color.



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